Jack in the Box Billboard Bags

Jack in the Box Billboard Bags

Jack in the Box Billboard Bags

Jack in the Box
Billboard Bags

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Made from Recycled Billboard Vinyl.

Jack in the Box is one of the only restaurants open 24/7. With music festivals becoming more and more popular, Jack naturally wanted to become the go-to place for people after the festivals end, but our only media buy was a few billboards outside of Coachella. That wouldn't be enough to make an impact on festival goers. So, we upcycled our billboards and turned Jack in the Box from a fast food brand into a festival fashion brand.

coachella board 1_2
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We kicked things off along the route to the biggest festival of them all, Coachella. I personally illustrated 4 billboards to evoke the colorful and poppy look of festival culture, and already, people started took notice.

coachella board 4_2
coachella board 2_3
coachella board 3_3

After Coachella ended and our billboards came down, we converted the vinyl material into a custom line of festival merch. We gave the custom pieces away to concert-goers around the country for the rest of festival season.


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